Art The Sickness Unto Death
Art The Sickness Unto Death

Art The Sickness Unto Death

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If we are out of stock a new order should take no more than 1 week from time of ordering and to be shipped to you. 13 oz. Woven Art Canvas is 100% Polyester. It is a square weave archival print canvas. Printed with Archival Quality High Definition Inks, it allows for the widest color gamut available.

 ***Prints do not come pre-framed***

Option 1: 100% Polyester Canvas Print 20" x 28" Canvas only, does not come with frame.

Option 2: Poster Print 18" x 24"

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Spotterup makes Intelligent Art for Badass People

No one gets out alive. Say your goodbyes. Now is the time to live the rest of your life.”

Newest design called The Sickness Unto Death. It’s for reflective warriors and based on philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s book of the same name. How many men feel trapped in life, how many feel purposeless, meaningless, stuck in an existential hell and sick? Warriors must find out why they do not feel well. They must get to a place where they are aware of their own self in relation to the universe (God) and their love’s power to transform the world. When a warrior either denies this self or the power that creates and sustains this self, he is in despair.

We all die, How many will use their lifetime to live? They must become self aware. No one gets out alive. We will all die. Only when we are faced with death or the concept of death do we begin to recognize its transformative effects on our psyche, and perhaps do something about loving ourselves enough to try and live it; then we become useful.

“This sickness unto death is what Kierkegaard calls despair. According to Kierkegaard, an individual is "in despair" if he does not align himself with God or God's plan for the self. In this way, he loses his self, which Kierkegaard defines as the "relation's relating itself to itself in the relation." Kierkegaard defines humanity as the tension between the "finite and infinite", and the "possible and the necessary", and is identifiable with the dialectical balancing act between these opposing features, the relation. While humans are inherently reflective and self-conscious beings, to become a true self one must not only be conscious of the self but also be conscious of being grounded in love, viz the source of the self in "the power that created it."