Art Death Preys

Art Death Preys

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If we are out of stock a new order should take no more than 1 week from time of ordering and to be shipped to you. 13 oz. Woven Art Canvas is 100% Polyester. It is a square weave archival print canvas. Printed with Archival Quality High Definition Inks, it allows for the widest color gamut available.

 ***Prints do not come pre-framed***

Option 1: 100% Polyester Canvas Print 20" x 28" Canvas only, does not come with frame.

Option 2: Poster Print 18" x 24"

STRETCHED CANVAS ON DEMAND. Email us to purchase stretched canvas on demand:





The use of the word prey instead of prays is intentional on our part.

In death it would seem that logic leaves a dead man’s brain just like love leaves a dead man’s heart, and it would seem that nothing worthy lasts forever but we must deny any challenge to our belief that there is an eternity for good men even until we draw our last breath. We must attempt to deny it until our eyes get cloudy, until our legs get restless, we must deny it until our mind is confused and our body requires its final sleep. We must deny deny deny even if we tragically die alone…

Here is art about life, death, God, virtue and honor. Take action.  Live deliberately. Live vitally. The Saint Factory is for those who want to make a difference in this world. Here we honor heroes.